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In their time they were great buildings, massive interaction centers, and many others only simulated as homes, now they have become forgotten buildings, encapsulated in time, each one with its own history, trapped in its walls.


Buildings built with enthusiasm and effort, covering different needs and specifications. But when we are no longer here in this reality, those who continue may not think the same, some might be lucky and will come back to life being modified, others might not and will be abandoned in decomposition until time itself will manage to erase every physical trace of our existence.

01 Platinum+palladium_print_(6b)

Platinum+palladium Print. 6b 2018

02 Palladium_print_(Suite)

Palladium Print. Suite 2017

03 Platinum+palladium_print_(Next)

Platinum+palladium Print. Next 2018

04 Palladium_print_(Suspended time)

Palladium Print. Suspended time 2017

05 Cyanotype_print_(Free entry)

Cyanotype Print. Free entry 2018

06 Platinum+palladium_print_(Umbral)

Platinum+palladium Print. Umbral 2017

07 Cyanotype_print_(Restaurant)

Cyanotype Print. Restaurant 2018

08 Cyanotype_print_(Duck season)

Cyanotype Print. Duck season 2018

09 Cyanotype_print_(Under de sun)

Cyanotype Print. Under de sun 2018

10 Cyanotype_print_(Festin)

Cyanotype Print. Festin 2018

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